Subject: About critters...
To: None <>
From: Pierre-Michel Ricordel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/2000 20:33:54
NetBSD Bob says :

> Can someone reiterate what the various switch positions on that
> little patch panel actually do?  There is the 3 position thing at the
> top, a 2 position thing to the side, and then the ethernet switch.
> For normal use, what should the positions of the 3 position thing be,
> and what if any on the circle and circle/dot thing be?
> One of these days, I will find a manual for these critters.....(:+{{...

I am also very curious to know the exact functions of these switch.
On my VAXserver 4000/200 I have the same thingies. I am also still
wondering the meaning of the three connectors on my power supply, labelled
MO, SI and SO. They look like RJ45 at first, but are very different when
you look closer.
Another big mistery for me is the metal piece with a big yellow /!\ sticker,
that prevent pressing a button on the PSU when the power is plugged.

Any hint ?
Is there some hardware documentation available on the net for this class of
machine ?



Side note: my encouragements to whoever is working on the DSSI support.
I think a lot of people needs it badly. The KFQSA is not so easy to find
everywhere. (Worst: I have the useless KZQSA !)