Subject: Re: VS3100 Serial Console Problems
To: Brian Harrington <>
From: Kevin Ogden <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/24/2000 16:24:35
Just my 2 cents....

1.)  Check your cable, especially if it is a homebrew cable, if it gets to a
login prompt and doesn't accept keyboard input from the terminal you might have
one of the lines on the wrong pin.  I had this problem once.

2.)  If it doesn't get to a login prompt you might want to check to see if the
devices were built properly when you installed the OS.  (boot from the install
kernel, mount the HD and type 'cd /dev;./MAKEDEV all')

Hope this helps,


>Hi --
>I'm trying to netboot 1.5_ALPHA2 on a VS3100/38, with a VT420 attached to 

>the serial port.  Everything seems to go fine until at some point in the 
>boot, when the machine stops responding to keyboard input.  Messages to the

>console still display, I just can't type anything.  Does anyone know what 

>might be going on?  Thanks.
>                   -- Brian
>Brian Harrington
>Digital Knowledge Center
>The Johns Hopkins University