Subject: Problem booting MV3100/20...
To: None <>
From: JasperH <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/21/2000 09:09:10
Hi All,

I (apparently) successfully installed the 20000517 snapshot from 
CD onto my MicroVax 3100/20 last night. There were no errors 
during the installation process, except for some "soft errors 
(corrected)" during the copying of some sets, but when I try to boot 
from the hard disk, it comes up with:

>>NetBSD/vax boot ...... . . . .
>>Press any key to abort autoboot ...
> boot netbsd
. . . . . . . .and then nothing happens.

I also tried "boot netbsd.vax" & "boot netbsd.fs", but the same 

It boots fine from CD.

Any idea why this happens, or what I can try ? I badly want my 
Vax to live again.

Many thanks!
My MicroVax has the following details:

KA41-D V1.1C6-17B-V6.2-263
PST:  17B
CON:  1C6
VMB:  V6.2
ROM:  263