Subject: Re: RZ58 jumper settings
To: None <>
From: M J Dowden <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/19/2000 12:13:45
At 6:48 PM +0300 9/19/2000, ville hautakangas wrote:
>It hasn't got any jumpers in the back next to the scsi
>connector, and I dare not try just any jumper settings.
>As it is, it won't spin up at power-on and it doesn't
>show up in SHO DEV, but the circuit board on the drive
>gets warm.. at least some sign of life.

     On the RZ58, viewed from the rear, you have the power connector 
on the far left. To the right of that is the SCSI connector. To the 
right of that are the 3 SCSI id pin pairs, to the right of that is 
the power up jumper pair. (To the right of that are 6 pairs that are 
undocumented.) If it is open, the drive will require a SCSI command 
to spin up (the SHOW DEV command should give it a SCSI spin up 
command, as it does on mine).
     The SHOW DEV command takes a while to produce results. I can hit 
the return key and go over to the unit and listen to the RZ58's wind 
up (they sound like turbines). The whole process takes 1 or 2 
minutes. Try giving the command a second time.

     Best regards,
     Mike Dowden