Subject: Re: MicroVAX 3300 console port?
To: Carlini, Antonio <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/14/2000 10:52:20
> 	>was not fully seated in its bus, and did not come up correctly.
> 	>After reseating, it came up fine!  Alas, I could not get an Ultrix
> 	Remind me to tell you about the day I thought I'd destroyed a
> 	VAX 6000-400 ... In fact I've been told by a former FS engineer
> 	that he could often fix faults with BI boxes by just reseating the
> 	boards. So now we know it's true for XMI and Qbus too
> 	(although given the levers used to push those boards in
> 	I'm somewhat surprised).

Hey, it was SOP back in the early S-100 days to monthly pull and reseat
the cards.  It cleaned the contacts, which were prone to oxidization.

> 	>It did not have a dssi bus terminator, but that did not seem to
> 	>do anything to the operating of the thing.  What exactly is that
> 	>dssi bus terminator?
> 	Well it's a terminator for the DSSI bus :-) But seriously it does
> 	exactly what a SCSI bus terminator does for a SCSI bus except
> 	it obviously does it for a DSSI bus. 

Is this terminator required?  It powered up OK, without it, but
unfortunately, I don't have the one that came on the machine
(so much for surplus stuff).

If it is required, anyone have a spare terminator I could grapples
up for a peanut or two?

> 	If you want to test the hardware and you don't have Ultrix
> 	then you could try OpenVMS (the hobby licence lets you run
> 	it) - it will give you some confidence that the disks do actually
> 	work.

I tried loading up Ultrix 4.0, but that did not work.  I will have to
dig for my 4.2 tapes.  Would the lack of the terminator be why it
would not read the tapes?

It seems like the drives were scrubbed by the previous owner before
it was surplussed, or, could it be that the lack of the DSSI
terminator is the culprit?

Anyway, the fellow who had the MV3300, decided he did not want it
anymore, and dropped it on my doorstep.  So, I probably will want
to play with it some.

It has RF30 drives (2) which are the least of the type at 143mb
each.  That will make for a tight Ultrix install, even on a VAX.
Anyone know of any spare DSSI drives of say RF31 or RF32 size?
Anyone know of any spare DSSI terminators?