Subject: Re: Problems netbooting 1.5 alpha - 3100
To: None <>
From: John Hayward <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/12/2000 17:24:45
Dear Vax People,

The problem turned out to be a bad entry in the export file system on
the server.  It would be nice to get a message like "unable to nfs mount"
rather than nfs_open: must mount first.  (see log below)

I got past that and found that netbsd.ram.gz was the boot.fs with sysinst.
After booting and starting sysinst it asked at some point to
proceed.  After selecting yes it panicked.  This was using 1.5_ALPHA.

I noticed that 1.5_ALPHA2 made it out today and decided to move to that.
However when I boot the 3100 after the tests it does not give me the 
>>> prompt but goes into attempting to obtain something from ESA0
(eithernet I believe).

I cannot find documentation on this unit that tells one how to interrupt
the auto boot sequence.  

Can someone give me this info?


======= message if nfs on server is not set up properly ===============
> When I attempt to boot I get something like:
> >> NetBSD boot/vax [June 22 2000 ...]
> >> Press any key...
> Trying BOOTP
> BOOTP no reply
> boot: client IP Address ...
> boot: clientname ...
> root address= path=/scilab/NetBSD/VAX/Csvax2/root
> nfs_open: must mount first.