Subject: RE: MicroVAX 3300 console port?
To: 'NetBSD Bob' <>
From: Carlini, Antonio <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/11/2000 20:35:19
	>I am going to play some with my friends MicroVAX 3300 tonight.
	>Before I get something wrong with it, I want to make sure that
	>the proper console port is the mmj connector on the CPU card or
	>that end of the card cage (I forget which offhand)?

	The only possible port on a MicroVAX 3300 is the MMJ connector
	on the faceplate that has a 7-segment LED on it. It should be on the
	as you face the box.

	>He said he tried an mmj cable and an adapter to a terminal, and
	>got no output.  The fans and drives spun, but no console.

	It could, of course, be broken. When you power up, what does the LED
	display do?

	If it stops at 8 or 3 (IIRC) it is waiting for input, so things are
	probably OK apart from your console. With the power off, undo
	the captive screws that hold on the CPU panel. Inside there is a
rotary switch
	that sets the baud rate. It should be 9600 but you never know!

	Other than that you should check the terminal/adapter/MMF cable
	against another MicroVAX to be sure that the problem does not 
	lie there.