Subject: netbooting & stuff , again
To: None <>
From: ville hautakangas <vhautaka@cs.Helsinki.FI>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/06/2000 12:22:10

after the long hot summer, I'm again inclined to get the heat
on in my room, so I'm trying to get the VAXen running...


My bootserver setup is fucked up, I can't get my VAX4000m200
do anything right with the Linux server configured just like
in Brian's Netbooting howto. VAXstations do boot from it,
but it sometimes takes many attempts. The bootparams seems
to be broken. Most of the time the clients don't get the
server address right.

root addr= path=/vax/root

..and trying to mount from certainly doesn't work :)
This occurs every time with the VAX4000 and at least a
couple of times with the VAXstations (2000, 3100m30, 4000 VLC)

I'd like to throw away the old Linux box anyway. I have 
a VAXstation that boots from its own hard disk, and to which
I could easily add a couple of gigs more disk. I thought it
would make a perfect bootserver. 

But. If the bootparams is broken, then shouldn't I use
DHCP instead? How? Also there's no section in Brian's
howto as to how one should modufy a NetBSD box in order 
to make it a bootserver.. well, I think I can figure out
the exports & such. But if somebody has done this (I bet
some of you have) then I'd appreciate any help. Also if
you have a working VAX4000m200, I'd like to know how you
got it to boot.

By the way - I think I'll get a couple of VXT2000's soon.
And IIRC there's some support for X programs in NetBSD/vax,
does this mean I could use these X terminals with it?

- hautis