Subject: Re: vaxserver 3100 netbooting, nfs_boot timeout
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: Thorsten Jens <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/05/2000 23:03:35
* Chuck McManis:

> /etc/ethers is probably screwed up. It looks like boot params wants your 
> machine to get IP address of but someone had already given the 
> machine an address of before then. Also see if /etc/rc.conf 
> doesn't reconfigure the interface to the "wrong" address....
> --Chuck

Hmm, /etc/ethers is:
08:00:2b:26:47:63 server3100

----	wiebke.thodi.home	thodi     	cel400.thodi.home	cel400      vmware.thodi.home	vmware	server3100.thodi.home	server3100	localhost		localhost

server3100	root=cel400:/mnt/extra/export/vax/root swap=cel400:/mnt/extra/export/vax/swap.server3100

cel400 ( is the boot-server, my linux box. the vax is
supposed to get server3100 ( I've got no /etc/rc.conf
since I'm using a SuSE.

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