Subject: Re: VAXstation 3100/38 help
To: Sean Cavanaugh <>
From: markus <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/05/2000 02:40:50
> >Hi all.
> >I have a VAXstation that I would like to get BSD on, but when I power the
> >thing on, nothing happens.  The terminal never gives me a prompt. I have
> >S3 on the back set to serial console via the printer port.

Make sure you have the S3 switch down and you have your terminal set to some
sort of  VT100 type thing and 9600,8,n,1 At boot it should state the cpu
type and some information regarding the status of the tests. In all
likelyhood the problem is with your terminal's settings, but hey you might
have a borked port who knows.

> >After waiting a few minutes the diagnostic LEDs at the back are all off
> >except for LED 7.  Since I don't have the manual, I have no idea where to
> >check.  Can anyone help out?

VaxStation 3100 info can be found at:
An owner's guide to the Vaxstation 3100 M76 can be found at:
hope this helps some.


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