Subject: Re: netbooting a MicroVAX 3300?
To: Brian Chase <>
From: Sven Leser <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/29/2000 18:13:31
I looked arround a little, there are a few DEQNA und DELQA cards... But I'm not
sure which one is the right one I should take:

Whats the difference between a DEQNA-M, -SY

> > Ok sorry may be this is just an other newbie question.... 
> > 
> > and found out that the 3300 is supported, but I'm nor sure if my
> > onboard ethernet device is supported. I'm even not sure if my disk is
> The onboard ethernet is not yet supported, but you should be fine if you
> can get your hands on a DEQNA or DELQA.