Subject: sigma QBUS cardcage free* to good home
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/24/2000 18:34:12
* you pay shipping...  lesser restrictions may apply.  Read on.

The network admin at work decided to do a little cleaning and pushed off
a sigma QBUS cardcage on me.  It's just the raw cardcage (I'll try and
get some pictures up tomorrow) with a bed of nails on the back side for
doing wirewrap, a fan, and a molex-to-spade-plugs power cable.

I figured somebody here might be interested for their VAX or PDP

Heck...  I'll even pay UPS shipping for North American destinations if
you can offer one of the following in trade:

- rack mount ears for a BA23 case
- working RD54 (heck, I'll give you the cardcage and USD$50 for an RD54)
- QBUS SCSI card (a guy can dream)

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  "Time Correct function allows automatically correcting slight variation
   of your key touching manner."  --  Roland MSQ-700 manual