Subject: VS4000/60 booting question
To: <>
From: John A. Maier <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/22/2000 21:43:34
A friend who just made quite a haul of junk, has a VS4000/60 that he thought was a PC...I filled him in and now it is mine!!!

The web page states that the 4000/60 is supported but the NCR53C94 SCSI controller isn't.

1) Is the web page right or has work been done since?
2) If support for the SCSI isn't still in there, is it net booted?
3) If I wanted to dip my grubby hand into driver writing, is there docs available on the chip/interface?

I'm a fair-good C programmer and have done some very heavy asm hardware programming over the years and this might be a perfect chance to get into BSD's guts.