Subject: Re: Any possible use for this old 3600 ?? (DSSI etc)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/22/2000 15:33:59 (Arno Griffioen) wrote:

>I assume on a DEQNA and not on the CPU card itself?
>If it's on a CPU card then it's probably a 3500 which uses the KA640 and
>has both DSSI and ethernet on-board. A 3600 uses the KA650 CPU

The MicroVAX 3500 and MicroVAX 3600 both used the KA650 CPU module. They
differed in the size of the cabinet (3500 being the smaller). These systems
came either with RA drives (SDI) or a KFQSA and RF drives (DSSI).

The VAXstation 3200 came in a BA23 and had an RQDX3 and RD54 drive. Again this
used the KA650. There was an "offical" VAXstation 3500, which was basically a
MicroVAX 3500 with a VCB02 and a monitor.

The MicroVAX 3300 and MicroVAX 3400 both used the KA640 CPU module. Again the
differed in the size of the cab, the MicroVAX 3300 being the smaller.

The MicroVAX 3800 and MicroVAX 3900 were MicroVAX 3500 and 3600 respectively
but with a KA655. Cabinets were otherwise identical.

The KA650 is just a CPU module with no on-board ethernet and no on-board DSSI.
The KA655 is a souped-up KA650.

The KA640 has on-board ethernet and on-board DSSI (called, IIRC, an ED640).

The VAX 4000 Model 200 used a KA660 CPu (which I believe had both on-board
ethernet and on-board DSSI) and lived in the same cab as a MicroVAX 3600/3900.

All the VAX 4000 series with numbers higher that 200have on-board ethernet and
at least two on-board DSSI controllers (SHAC). Some can have as many as four
on-board DSSI controllers when appropriate daughter cards are added.

DEQNA sucks by the way. DELQA is much better especially when driven under load.
DELQA-YA (or turbo-DELQA) is better yet.

>Tape drive should be a TK70 on a 3600

I think this is right. When the MicroVAX 3500 family came out, TK70 was the
tape drive of choice. But, of course, if you have a system that has passed
through a few hands, then it could easily have a TK50 in it.