Subject: Re: How many Vaxes?
To: emanuel stiebler <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/22/2000 11:11:19
> > Question... is there any possibility of getting a 1.4T snapshot build
> done?
> Try it ;-) I had no success lately. Probably I'm doing soemthing wrong
> anyway :-(

OK, I will give it a whirl.

Now, for the sake of my education, being the neophyte dunce aboard.....

1.  What is the proper sequence of events, stepwise, in making a proper
    total system rebuild.

    (I was thinking it was kernel first, libs second, compiler third,
     then the system, but dunno.... need some concise input!)

2.  Is there a doc somewhere that properly covers this for the neophyte
    like me (gee, gotta do it sometime, and now seems like a good time!).
    I have built many kernels, lots of addins to usr/local, but no whole
    system compiles, yet.

3.  IFF drive space is tight, like on an RZ25 for source, and maybe I can
    load up a spare RZ24 for destination, what precautions need to be
    thought about ahead of time, to prevent running out of space, or
    wasting inordinate amounts of time.

4.  What ram is required for a build.  The biggest of my VAXen only have
    12mb ram.... which might be problematic if any C++ compiles were to
    be done, like on groff.

Any insights or suggestions on where the geek-nerd-dunce-dumbie neophyte
needs to start, are appreciated.....(:+\\.....

OK, OK, my VAXen training wheels are now attached.... now what?