Subject: Re: Unkown error code: 13107242
To: Reinoud Koornstra <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/22/2000 10:38:14
> Hi All,
> I alrdy tried to send a message but no repley came.
> I hope at least some one can help me out with this one.
> I got netbsd now installed in a vax station 3100/M38
> On the second scsi disk: DKB200
> However, when i try to boot from this disk i get:
> -DKB200
> >> NetBSD/vax boot [blbal] <<
> >> blabla
> >boot netbsd
> boot failed: Unknown error code: code 13107242
> Can anyone tell me what this means and if this can be resolved?
> Does the vax has difficulties with botting from a scsi device?
> On the first hd is ultrix and that one boots fine......

I get it to work fine, on my M38.  I use a cloned disk at ID3 to
boot up a fresh system, then copy everything over to the ID0 drive.

It sounds like it can't find something.  The boot should normally
come up from prom with a boot dkaxxx.... hmmm, you apparently
have the second drive on the second or external scsi bus????
That is a little odd.  Try setting the ID of the drive to one
up from the value used by the original Ultrix drive (probably ID0),
and put the NetBSD drive at ID1, but use the HD scsi bus cable rather
than the short floppy scsi cable.  IF that does not boot, then move
the ID jumper up one position at a time to 2, then 3, and see if those
take off.  IF they still don't,  temporarly disconnect the Ultrix
drive signal and power cables, and set the NetBSD drive to ID0.

You are booting DKB200 which is sd10.  IFF it is set to sd2 logically
on the fstab things might get confused, if the drive were not on the
first scsi bus at ID2.

My expectation is that the ID numbering physically does not match what
the logical ID is, thus it can't find the kernel or root fs to boot.
The second scsi bus starts at ID8.  If it is expecting to boot say
at sd2, that would need to be on ID2 on the first scsi bus.  ID2 on
the second scsi bus would be sd10, not sd2.

That is the only thing I can think of, offhand.  That has happened
to me a time or two when I did not pay attention to proper jumpering,
AND proper fstab settings, but I don't recall the exact error msg.