Subject: Re: How many Vaxes?
To: Chris Tribo <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/22/2000 10:01:28
> 	You need to upgrade to the December 6th VAX snapshot (1.4P). The
> reason it is so slow is that the kernel is running on PIO mode 0
> SCSI. (very slow). 1.4P has a stable DMA SCSI kernel that will make your
> 3100 feel like a whole new machine :) It appears to be able to handle
> doing a low volume ftp/web box with a decent HD inside. The m30 doesn't
> have CPU speed to marvel at, but I think it'll build a kernel with DMA
> SCSI in about 5 hours or so. Probably reduced further with -current.
> 	Chris

Mine build in just at 1/2 hour for the config/depend and 5 hours for
the make.

Speaking of snapshots.... this weeks build is at 14T, or that is what my
kernel says after running up its source last night.  I have 4 3100 class
VAXen up, but only one has much disk space, for now.

Question... is there any possibility of getting a 1.4T snapshot build done?
The Dec. snap is getting a tad old.  If not, how much disk space is actually
required to do a full system build of everything, in case I could roll one
on the sly?  My build tree resides on its own RZ25L, but that is probably
a tad tight at 500mb, or a little less, for build space.

Question... my VRT-17 mono monitor is beginning to wrap lines around off
the right edge, indicating the horizontal sweep voltage is too high.
Anyone know, offhand, where the horizontal width pot or coil is for that
particular monitor?  Also, its vertical linearity is off, causing small
letters at the top and bottom and larger letters in the middle lines
of the screen.  Where might that pot be?

Question... on my VRT-17 and VRM-262 monitors, the VAX comes up through
boot in large font type size, then, when kernel actually boots and runs
it drops back to microscopic fonts.  Is there any way of forcing the
font to use the native prom font in that larger size as opposed to what
is coming up from the kernel?

Any suggestions, insights, horror stories, etc., are appreciated.