Subject: Re: How many Vaxes?
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/21/2000 16:33:54
"" wrote:

>I have a MicroVAX 3800 as my main NetBSD machine (although it may get 
>replaced with the 4000/300). I'm trying to put together a nearly complete 
>collection of the KA6xx series, I have the following (all running NetBSD in 
>one form or another)
>         ..  (missing a KA620 but it doesn run NetBSD anyway)

Missing a KA610 too (MicroVAX I or VAXstation I) - and I suspect that they are
thin on the ground these days. The nearest I have got is seeing someone else's
board set!


>         .. (I don't have anything larger than the KA670 yet)

Just KA675, KA680, KA690, KA691, KA692 and KA694 to go then :-)
All of these will work in the same enclosure with pretty much the same
peripherals so all you need is multiple board sets which should cut down on the
space requirements.

>They take up a lot more space than the 3100, 2000, or even desktop 4000 
>series take, but they can certainly heat a room!

Why not pick up a VAX 9000 - not only can you heat the room .. it can *BE* the
room :-)

As for the original poster enquring about the total number of VAX sales, I
don't have an answer (and if I did I probably could not share it). I don't know
if there is a definitive answer. I recall a fuss being made (probably in the
very early nineties) about the 500,000th VAX installation. I *think* I recall
an announcement sometime later of either the 750,000th or the millionth VAX.
But even if this vague recollection is right it doesn''t tell you what is being
counted. Was it board-sets or systems or chips (remember lots of stuff has VAX
chips: DEMSA, DECnis, many of the LPS printers, comms boards such as DSB32 and
DSF32, and probably much more besides).

Naturally, now that I go looking for any record of any of this stuff, I can
find nothing. Perhaps I imagined it all!