Subject: Re: CMD 220A pinouts?
To: jonl <>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/21/2000 14:34:45

you have to configure the devices on the CMD before you can use them.
 The connector on the CMD should be RS232. 
the pins should be :

2,4,9 ground
3 TX
8 RX

pin 1 should be the upper right if looking at the board edgewise with
component side up.

sorry i havent gotten a kernel with SHAC support in it to you yet, ive 
had some troubles with my development box and am swamped with stuff to do 
before i quit my job :)  

> The problem is that it doesn't see any disks attatched to it.  I threw on
> a DEC RZ55 onto the chain, and it doesn't see it.  There is a console for
> checking devices, etc... (5x2 pin berg strip) but I don't know the pinout
> to get into it.  Does anyone 1) know the pinout of the connector, or
> 2) have any other pieces of advice for me?