Subject: Re: How many Vaxes?
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/21/2000 11:20:57
At 06:50 PM 2/21/00 +0000, Dan Kolb wrote:
>... On a
>semi-related note, what sort of Vaxen do people on this list have - I've
>seen lots of discussion about the 3100 series and the 2000 series, but
>not much more - does anyone else have a MicroVAX 3800, for example?

I have a MicroVAX 3800 as my main NetBSD machine (although it may get 
replaced with the 4000/300). I'm trying to put together a nearly complete 
collection of the KA6xx series, I have the following (all running NetBSD in 
one form or another)
         ..  (missing a KA620 but it doesn run NetBSD anyway)
         KA630 - MicroVAX II in a BA123
         KA640 - MicroVAX 3400 in a BA213
         KA650 - VaxStation 3200 in a BA23 w/ VCB-02 console
         KA655 - MicroVAX 3800 in a BA213
         ..  (missing a KA660 VAX 4000/200 (hoping to find one in a BA215))
         KA670 - VAX 4000/300 in a BA440 case.
         .. (I don't have anything larger than the KA670 yet)

They take up a lot more space than the 3100, 2000, or even desktop 4000 
series take, but they can certainly heat a room!