Subject: Re: Success with RF72
To: Douglas Meade <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/21/2000 11:13:46
At 12:34 PM 2/21/00 -0500, Douglas Meade wrote:
>Sorry for the gap, but I've been out with the flu.  I felt it
>coming on late Thursday night, as I successfully installed
>NetBSD on my RF72...

I hate it when that happens, hope you are feeling better!

>I made several mistakes along the way, but the real gotcha was
>the 10-pin cable that runs from the control panel to the connector
>behind the right hand side power supply in the BA213 case.


It has been my experience that DEC does a lot of ribbon cables that are all 
similar but different in some small way. I had a MicroVAX III that was 
failing memory tests intermittently and after a replaced the memory bus 
cable with one spec'd for a KA650 it worked fine. (The other came off a 
KA630 system). Weird.

>Now, on your point below, I tried the command SET HOST/MAINT/MSCP 0
>while the controller was set in command mode, and got "ILL CMD".  I
>couldn't find a way to talk to the drive in the way you mentioned.
>When I finally got it to work, it was set as DUA2, which is fine
>for the moment, but I'd eventually like to get a DUA0, DUA1, DUA2
>set up.

I believe I misspoke and it should have been SET HOST/MAINT/UQSSP/MSCP 0 
but even so there is another issue you will find which is that the KFQSA 
gives each "node" on the DSSI bus its own virtual controller instance. So 
the best you can do is get DUA0, DUB0, and DUC0. The impact on NetBSD is 
that you _must_ configure NetBSD to support three MSCP drive controllers.

To figure out the CSRs you have to run the CONFIGUREE command. In my case 
my input to configure was:
and it prints out the needed CSRs for everything.

>One other small point.  I also tried to make some homegrown IDC cables
>to connect the drives.  But the 10-pin connectors I got, while fine
>on the control panel end, were too fat on the drive end.  Are there
>different types of 10-pin IDC connectors available, or is this a
>special DEC connector?

Yes there are different connetors, the 3M "thin series" works without the 
strain relief attached. I got one at Fry's Electronics for this but people 
like Digikey should have them available too. (