Subject: Re: RT-11 filesystem.
To:, Allison J Parent <>
From: Megan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/21/2000 11:51:16
>>>From this can I assume that the RT-11 FS only does one case of letters?
>>If that's true then I wonder if it's better to hard-wire it to lower
>>case.  It would make typing easier...

>Uppercase only, RAD50 encoded in the file name.ext.  All of RT11 as OS
>and utiliities are uppercase so consistance is required. 

In earlier versions of RT-11, everything was upper case at the command
prompt and at the CSI prompt.  So case wasn't really a problem.  Later
versions of RT allowed lower case both for commands and at the CSI
prompt, so filenames were case insensitive.  One can specify a mix
of upper/lower case characters for a file name and RT converts it
to upper, then Rad50.

On output, however, all filenames are printed in upper case, since
that is what Rad50 converts to.

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