Subject: VS3100/M30...M48 memory boards (was: 72 pin SIMM memories)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/21/2000 11:46:59
>> So do all VAXstation 3100 and up use an 80pin SIMM or is it just the=20=
>> 76SPX?
>No, the m38 uses a proprietary memoryboard that has the IC's soldered
>directly to it. It's connected to the mainboard with two connectors that
>quite closely resembles the socket for the SPX graphics card. The memory-
>card itself is about half the size of a SPX board. The same board was
>also used in the VT1300 X-terminal, but since the VT1300 was a VS3100m38
>minus the diskcontroller this comes as no surprise.

  I can confirm.
  There are memory boards of the size described above and also smaller ones.

  The larger boards have two connectors so various combinations are possibl=
- plug a smaller one onto the motherboard
- plug a larger one onto the motherboard
- plug a smaller one onto the larger and this onto the motherboard

  At least I could do this with the bunch of stuff I had (mixed DEC & Kings=
ton parts)=20
and  >>> TEST 50   succesfully identified them.

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