Subject: Re: 72pin SIMM memories
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From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/19/2000 10:15:36
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The VAXstation 3100, 3520, 2540, 4000, VAX 4000 Model 100, DECsystem 5500 and 
maybe others use a 72pin style memory SIMM.  DEC listed them as:
MS40 parity 1-Mbit DRAM 8Meg
MS42 parity 4-Mbit DRAM 4,8,12,16Meg
MS44 parity 1-Mbit DRAM 4, 8Meg
MS44 parity 4-Mbit DRAM 32Meg
MS44 ECC    4-Mbit DRAM 16, 64Meg
MS60 ECC    1-Mbit DRAM 16, 32Meg

Though unrelated VAXstations, the DECstations, and VXT2000 also used a 72pin 
ECC SIMM. DEC listed them as:
MS01  parity 1-Mbit DRAM 4Meg
MS01  parity 4-Mbit DRAM 4Meg
MS01  parity 4-Mbit DRAM 16Meg
MS02  ECC    4-Mbit DRAM 8,32Meg
MS200 unknown       DRAM 2,4Meg
MS220 ECC    4-Mbit DRAM 64Meg
MS220 ECC    1-Mbit DRAM 32Meg

Hmm, according to the info on the Kingston memory page, 72pin ECC DRAMs are 
also used by some IBM PS/2 models and IBM RS6000 workstations.
Anyone out there happen to know if any of these are compatible with a PS/2 
Model 76 or Model 77?

Reason that I'm asking is these machines use the same memory as an RS/6000 
Model 43P that I've got sitting under on my desk with only 16MB. I've also 
got a few surplus/broken VAXstations of various models. I figure if the memory 
IS the same spec I can strip a DEC box or two to build up the RS!


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