Subject: Re: RL01 support in NetBSD?
To: John Wilson <>
From: Nigel Johnson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/18/2000 22:54:02
You're right, John.  Boy I sure get some very-rarely visited grey cells tickled by
reading this list.  The RKV11-D was a whole chassis with an adapter card that
linked into the qbus at one end.  I don't believe it was the same chassis as the
RK11-D for Unibus, though.  If anybody can find a board labelled "DYNUS C03" in
their junk box, it was a third-party single-board controller made by Dynus (later
Dataram - maybe they have a few left) that interfaced to the RK05's unibus-style
cable through a paddle card.  I used to sell a lot of these when early brave souls
wanted to build real computer systems using Qbus. I used to work as Engineering
support for Canada's leading importer of DEC-compatible kit before I went off to
run Emulex Canada and he went off to try to be president of Poland, but that's
another story.
Nigel Johnson, VE3ID

John Wilson wrote:

> >From: Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
> >> Anyone in Europe have one or more RK05s (preferably with Q-bus
> >> controller(s)) to spare?  It's right up near the top of my list of
> >> things I really really want...
> >
> >Did such a beast even exist? I have some RK05s, and might even be
> >convinced of letting one go, but I only have RK8E controllers myself.
> >Also, I only have 16-sector disks, which won't do you any good on a
> >pdp-11 or VAX. But I don't remember any Q-bus controller, the Unibus
> >controller was the RK11 though.
> The Q-bus controller *did* exist (actually I think it was mostly the same
> as the Unibus controller but with a different interface card), it was called
> the RKV11D.  They're very rare (I sure don't have one), and they're horrible
> in that they're actually *Q16* devices, bits 5:4 of the CSR don't really work.
> I've heard there was an ECO to fix that and at least bring them up to Q18.
> Older versions of the 11/93 (and probably others) boot ROMs had a bootstrap
> for the RK05 (which almost no one had on Q-bus, certainly not on an 11/93),
> but *not* for the TK50 (which everyone in their right mind has!).  I always
> thought that was pretty funny.
> John Wilson
> D Bit