Subject: Re: RZ57 question
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/18/2000 10:22:21
On 17 Feb, Chuck McManis wrote:
> I looked at this once and the only difference between VMS and NetBSD is
> that VMS sends the START UNIT command to the drives when it probes them.
> Drives that are already spinning ignore it and ones that aren't start. 

I have a whole pile of Seagate/CDC Wren 7s jumpered to spin up on
command only. The work fine when either my Adaptec 1542C BIOS or NetBSD
sends a START UNIT command. I am assume that NetBSD sends a START UNIT
because that is what the Adaptec will send if I ask it.

My MicroVAX 3100/m20 seems to work the same way, although I haven't
tried connecting any Wren 7s to it (yet).

Lloyd Parkes, Network Manager, School of Earth Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington