Subject: Re: VAXstation 2000 Progress --- MFM controllers?
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/17/2000 19:33:42
On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, NetBSD Bob wrote:

> > I could mail you this including the booter, if you want it. But it doesn't
> > support the MFM controller of the VS2K.
> Querying the list a bit.....
> I have an older VS3100 with the st506 mfm+scsi controller board.
> It is the thing with the early moulded cutout floppy cover plate.
> I have always used scsi drives on this beast, but, for the record,
> what can/could/ought-to-be-forgotten-about-at-this-late-date be
> hooked up to that pair of mfm dip headers?  My curiosity is getting
> to me..... I have never seen anything hooked up to those on any of
> the machines I have run across around moo U, here.
> Bob

  Well you can hook up an MFM drive to it of course :) As was mentioned,
MFM support is broken since the 1.4 release. I don't remember enyone
having mentioned why it became non-working and the fact that no one has
fixed it in about a year tells me that it probably requires quite a bit of
code reorginizeation. According to Brian, you can boot from Floppy (I
still have not been able to boot from it yet) or an MFM HD. One of these
days I'll drag my old 286 12MHz out of the closet and try to raw-write the
boot kernel to it and see if it boots. (well after I get it formatted
  That brings me to another question, can the ST506 controller speak
RLL? I have a 122MB RLL drive laying around, I doubt it does, just thought
I'd ask. RLL drives use ST506 and MFM use ST412, or am I backwards?
  I hooked up a Micropolis 6053 the other day and tried to get it to
format, but I don't know what the formatter was asking me. If you have a
DEC HD, it should be in the PROM catalog of HD specs. I dunno. Let me know
how it turns out.