Subject: RE: RL01 support in NetBSD?
To: Greg Ingram <>
From: John A. Maier <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/17/2000 14:37:00
> Can NetBSD drive an RL01?

That is wierd!  I was just wondering if I could rip the controller for a   
RL02 out of my old PDP-11/23 and drop it in my uVAX II.  Not that there   
is any real reason I would want to, I really hated those things.

5megs(RL01)/10Megs(RL02) and the box is 50-75kg!  If you want parts for   
your RL01/2, I've got 10 in my shed.  Those things died so often, I had   
to keep spares.  I do not miss them...