Subject: KA42 RDRX formatter questions
To: NetBSD Mailing List <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/16/2000 16:10:24

    I'm trying to format a MiniScribe 6053 44MB MFM drive on my MV3100/m30.
Since this drive isn't in the ROM catalog I need some help deciphering what
the formatter is asking me about. And where to find more info on it :) So
far I know it has 1024 cylinders, 5 heads and IIRC 17 sectors/track. Why
can't drive manufacturers print this info on the drive?! :)
     Any information on how to translate physical sizes to logical sizes
would be helpful as well, should it be necessary. Do VAXen have a max 1024
cyl. limit and 17 sectors/track limit?

t 70 starts with    VSfmt_STS_Siz ...||... ????

Then it's asking for:
xbnsiz := ?
dbnsiz := ?
lbnsiz := ?
rbnsiz := ?
surpun := (Sectors per unit?) Calculable?
cylpun := Cylinders per unit?
wrtprc := Write pre-comp.
rctsiz := (Real sector size?)
rctnbr := ?
secitl := ?
stsskw := (Sector skew?)
ctcskw := ?
mediai := (Media interleave?) Can the m30 handle 1:1? I have a feeling 3:1
is more efficient

    Any help appreciated :)


    "I use to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure..."