Subject: The lucky streak continues...
To: None <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/15/2000 16:20:55
So I just got done telling you all about the nifty new VAX 4000/200 that
I aquired over the weekend. As it turns out, a friend of mine who works
for a very well-wired company here has gotten approval to move my new
box into their computer room, and plug into their switch (can you say
bandwidth?). With the wealth of drive space I have, I'm considering the
posibility of hosting a NetBSD mirror. Would a 4000/200 have enough
OOMPH to tackle such a task, given sufficient bandwidth? According to
the NetBSD Hardware Reference, it's only 5 VUPs. Anybody like to suggest
a connection limit? 32 Megs memory, ungodly amounts of HD. I also
wouldn't be opposed to using it to churn out regular snapshots, although
my 4000/60 (at 12 VUPs) might be better suited for that.

Of course, all of this depends on getting a stable running build on the
4000/200. How can I help?

Also - what is the status of graphics head support on the 4000/60? How
can I help in that respect?