Subject: Enclosures Re: KA655 on-board ethernet; was: Re: Bragging
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/14/2000 08:01:29
I've gotten my enclosures mixed up. Fortunately I've got the MicroVAX and 
VAX 4000 Systems Technical Handbook sitting here at the moment for clearing 
this up:

BA215 - Is a narrow pedestal chassis (6 q-bus slots) (uVAX 3300)
BA213 - Is the Wide pedestal chassis (12 Q-bus slots) (uVAX 3400, 3800)
BA212 - Rack mount BA213 where the BA213 is put on its back. (I've never 
seen one)
H9644 - BA213 plus a couple of RA drives in a 19" rack (uVAX 3900)
BA440 - Wide pedestal with 12 Q-bus slots and a hinged door (VAX 4000/300)

I've got a picture I scanned in from the book and put up at :
I expect to have a full page of vax porno at some point on my primary web site.