Subject: Re: KA655 on-board ethernet; was: Re: Bragging Time...
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: Jon Lindgren <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/14/2000 07:11:04
On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, Chuck McManis wrote:


> I don't think it is a KA655 then, there is no on-board ethernet. The KA650 
> and KA655 neither have onboard eithernet whereas the KA640 and KA670 at 
> least both do (I don't know about the KA660). I suspect what you have is 
> the KA640.

Yeah, the KA660s do have an onboard SGEC... I've got a 4000/200 in the
pedistal mount and the rackmount versions, and hopefully support for them
will be forthcoming... (hint, hint, woohoo!)

> Also it is a small point but the BA215 is a horizontally mounted rack mount 
> enclosure, about 14" high and 26" deep. You may be thinking of the BA213 
> which came in the stand up pedestal and was sometimes mounted directly into 
> as rack (usually a H9644) with some RA drives.

I believe those are exactly what I have...  I've been trying to put up
pictures, but this annoying day job thing keeps getting in my way.  I just
mailed a few copies of the EK-KA660-TM out to a few chaps, so maybe it's
time for me to pull my finger out and put up some pictures...  I'll try to
do this tonight, but it'll probably happen on Tuesday.

> The KA640 and 670 also both have on board DSSI (640 has one, the 670 has two)

The KA660 does as well, but just one channel.

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