Subject: Re: Bragging Time...
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/13/2000 16:43:55
Chuck McManis wrote:

> >Also, I'd like to get a pointer or two from anybody familiar with the
> >BA215 - the power plug, located at the bottom left of the front panel -
> >it's keyed, but other than that, is it wired the same as a standard
> >plug? We can't seem to get this one to power up. We put power to the
> >device, then flip the "on" switch, and nothing happens. The circuit
> >breakers on both PS seem to be non-tripped. Is there any reasonably easy
> >way to take this box apart, or is there something obvious I'm missing?
> It sounds like you have a BA213 not a BA215. The BA215 is rack mount with
> the slots all facing "up" in the back. The BA213 has the slots facing
> forwards and a space for drives in the "top."
> Yes, the BA213 has a keyed plug (annoyed the heck out of me when I figured
> that out, so does the BA440) anyway, the chassis won't light up unless both
> supplies are on-line, and the supply won't come online unless it has
> something to regulate. In one of mine I've got an other wise uselessly dead
> SCSI drive attached to the drive power bus on the top to light up the left
> hand supply. The right hand supply powers the TK50/70/85 and the backplane.
> Also under the right hand supply (where the plug is on the left side) there
> is a "remote power" control for boxes that are connected to a power
> sequencer. It should not have anything plugged into it.

OK - you're right. I was thinking that the pedestal-mounted BA213 was the same
as the BA215. I tried it with a drive on the left-side controller, and the TK70
on the right-side; plus, there is a load board in the last slot of the
backplane. I still don't see any lights, no fans, nothing. The remote sequencer
plug is empty.

> Did the 3800 come with the door? That is the only thing mine is missing :-(
> For now I have a 3400 door on it but I'd like to have the real door on it
> eventually.

Damn - if I had known that, I could have gotten you one - the place I got these
at had two extra. Unfortunately, they're probably dumpster fodder by now.

> Also tell use what kind of drive panel was in the top, a DSSI panel, SDI
> panel, or a SCSI panel?

Um. I don't know - it has three (roughly) 2x8 headers, with two buttons for
each drive. Doesn't look like the 3600 I have that had SDI drives in it, so...

Also - what does the DSSI connector look like? and what is a KQFSA? It's got
one of those, leading to a three-terminal ribbon cable, ending on a bulkhead
connector that looks a lot like an external SCSI connector, with a terminator
plugged into it.