Subject: Re: Bragging Time...
To: J. Buck Caldwell <>
From: Chris Craft <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/13/2000 14:56:36
LPV11? *Wide Grin*  I've an LP26 (dataproducts interface?) that I've been
wanting to tie down to my MVII for quite a while.

Turn that subject line into "Begging time"!


On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, J. Buck Caldwell wrote:

> So I went down to Columbia yesterday about that infovax posting, and
> came home with a haul.
> Added to my collection:
>   VAX 4000/200 with 32 megs of memory, FOUR (count 'em) SCSI controllers
> (CMD CQD443x2, CQD423, CQD223), just over 100 Gig of differential SCSI
> disks, KLESI, QT14, and LPV11.
>   VAXStation 4000/60 (internals not probed yet)
>   MicroVAX 3800 in a BA215, but it has a power issue.
> So: I don't have any PERTEC or LESI tapes, so I have for grabs a KLESI
> and QT14. I don't see myself attaching any printers, either, so the
> LPV11 can go if someone would like it.
> Also, I'd like to get a pointer or two from anybody familiar with the
> BA215 - the power plug, located at the bottom left of the front panel -
> it's keyed, but other than that, is it wired the same as a standard
> plug? We can't seem to get this one to power up. We put power to the
> device, then flip the "on" switch, and nothing happens. The circuit
> breakers on both PS seem to be non-tripped. Is there any reasonably easy
> way to take this box apart, or is there something obvious I'm missing?
> --
>  -Buckaroo