Subject: Re: What do you think...
To: John A. Maier <>
From: Bernhard H. Buckel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/12/2000 22:19:49
Dear all,

>>>>> "John" == John A Maier <> writes:

    John> Does NetBSD support putting a SCSI-I HD on the SCSI bus?

If we're speaking of the VS2000: Yes, it can. It's painfully slow
since DMA isn't supported yet (Ragge: HINT,HINT ;)) but it works. I'm
using a VS2k as a webserver which is being netbooted (since the PROM
won't allow me booting of the SCSI disk). Check
for details.

    John> I've done some research and it seems that DEC OSs never
    John> supported anything but a tape drive on the VS2000's SCSI

Basically it's plain SCSI, so just give it a try!

    John> bus.  The webpage aludes to the fact that NetBSD does, but
    John> I'm not sure.

Uhmm - the NetBSD/vax pages might need a major overhaul, IMHO...


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