Subject: Re: HP 2247 or 2490A drives in VAXen?????
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/2000 13:15:13
On February 11, NetBSD Bob wrote:
> Visiting the surplus pit this week (no spare DEC keyboard for whomever it
> was on the list in the MIT area that was wanting one -- sorry), I chanced
> upon some HP drives at fair prices.  They were HP 2247 and HP 2490A types.
> The 2247 is a 1.05 gig, and the 2490A is a 5? gig, if I am reading my
> sunformat.dat entries correctly from my sun info.  Now, the question
> arises.... will these critters work in VAXen, particularly my VS3100
> M38 or MV3100/10 things?  IFF so, can anyone give me any info as to
> which jumpers to set (parity, motor-on, etc)?  I am assuming parity
> is off and motor-on is off.  Are there any gotchas in running these
> on the VAXen, as to formatting?  I am assuming the 1 gig drives will
> do fine, but not sure on the 5 gig things.

  I believe some of the smaller VAXstations have trouble booting from
drives >1gb if the stuff the ROM needs to read is past the first
1gb...something about only dealing with smaller SCSI commands...

             -Dave McGuire