Subject: Re: HP 2247 or 2490A drives in VAXen?????
To: Douglas Meade <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/2000 13:11:10
> This question has come up several times both on this list and on 
> comp.os.vms.  I think the short answer is that just about any 
> disk which is SCSI will work in a VS3100, although if it is 
> a newer variety, the controller on that computer won't be taking
> advantage of the disks potential command set or speed.

On a VS3100 speed is .... well, different.....(:+}}...

> The only restriction for using the disk for NetBSD is, if it is
> a boot disk, the boot partition should be within the 1 Gb range.
> Other than that, I've used disks of all sizes as "data" disks 
> in a VS3100.  Unfortunately, VMS does not support such disk 
> partitioning, and so cannot boot from a disk > 1 Gb.  (That's 
> why you may still hear a lot about ">1 Gb doesn't work in 
> VS3100").

OK, I usually always boot from the a partition and it won't usually
be larger than 64mb, so that should be no problem.

Any limits on FS sizes in NetBSD VAX?  I am expecting to probably load
usr as 1 1 gig fs, then use the rest of the drive for workspace hung
off root in one or two partitions.  IFF I want to try rolling snapshots
is there any preferred layout as to partitions so I don't run out of
build space?  I am expecting wherever the sources are built, to make
a snapshot would probably need 600-700mb, so that might be tight on a
1 gig usr fs?

> As far as spinning up, etc., if you can find the jumper layout,
> the VS3100 does support spinning the drives up on command, rather
> than on power-up, you can test if this is working by doing a 
> "sh dev" at the console prompt, and watching the drive lights go
> on after they are successively queried and spun up.  

I have jumper layout labels on the 1 gig drives, but they don't
seem to be on the HP 2490A drives, so I will need to find out
what to set, jumperwise on those.  I looked in theref's pages,
but there was nothing there except the size of the drive.  Anyone
have a pointer to other old drive info reference sites?

OK, that is what I was thinking of trying first.  Are there any
constraints in the formatting from prom via test 75?  The target
box is a VS3100/M38 but I don't remember the prom revision offhand.
The question is will the prom formatter correctly run a format on
a large drive?  Will LLFMT from prom hurt the HP 2490A drives?
I don't trust a drive without re-LLFMT on it to make sure any
problems are cured.  After 5 passes on a LLFMT, usually any drive
will be happy, in my hands --- if it passes that it is usually OK.

> When I was new to DEC's, I lucked out to find a palette of DEC
> Expansion Boxes, with about 20 RZ57's & 58's.

Ohhh, good surplus find......(:+}}...