Subject: Re: Ultrix for Vax
To: Lord Isildur <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/10/2000 16:59:23
> i dont think so though- the PDP-11 Ultrix sources are already in the 
> archives which sco-license-holders can get. I have a sco license, and i 
> have the Ultrix-11 sources. It is my understanding that the code in 
> Ultrix-32 that prevents it from being similarly released its its 
> inclusion of stuff from after 32V, namely sysV stuff. 
> major bummer.. 
> if someone knows contrary to this i'd love to hear it!! anyone who knows 
> more about this? 

I could be way off, but I was under the impression that up through 3.2
it was mostly non sysV, but after that, in 4.x it included the sysV.
IFF that were the case, then maybe there is some potential?  IFF not,
then we are still at ground zero.  But, if no go, what about some
sort of free hobby binary license to allow its use on the old machines,
subject to SCO's no-got-binaries-ufindumwhereveryoucan thing.

I am not big on Ultrix, but there are some occasional uses for it
still on some of the ancient machines, where NetBSD ports are still
a bit weak.

Ultrix is a dead dinosaur, like V32 and 4.0BSD, etc.  Yet, there
must be some way to work out a simple binary use license like on
the PDP things since the VAX Ultrix are ``antique'', mostly, from
the current perspective, especially with DEC an ``antique'' now, too.

Musing out loud again......

Think guys, there has gotta be some way to present this amicably to
SCO for consideration......

Where is Warren Toomey, when we need him.....(:+}}...