Subject: Re: Ultrix for Vax
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/10/2000 14:45:58
i dont think so though- the PDP-11 Ultrix sources are already in the 
archives which sco-license-holders can get. I have a sco license, and i 
have the Ultrix-11 sources. It is my understanding that the code in 
Ultrix-32 that prevents it from being similarly released its its 
inclusion of stuff from after 32V, namely sysV stuff. 
major bummer.. 

if someone knows contrary to this i'd love to hear it!! anyone who knows 
more about this? 


On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, NetBSD Bob wrote:
> But SCO owns it now, not AT&T, and SCO is letting some antique things
> go.  IFF it can be considered that Ultrix is a BSD derivative and not
> a SysV derivative, then, it might (read might as in wishful thinking
> but possibly with some community effort) be made a case that Ultrix
> falls under the antique SCO licensing structure.  IFF that is the
> case, binaries may be freely available, in a manner of the PDP-11
> material.  Source might be available at the usual SCO antique unix
> source licensing structure.  Anyone thought of pushing that kind
> of thought process?
> Bob