Subject: Ultrix for Vax
To: NetBSD \"Port-VAX\" Mailing List <>
From: Douglas Meade <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/09/2000 14:56:59
I know this thread has come up on this group in the past, but I don't
remember if it was ever resolved.  I called DEC last week to find out
if Ultrix was still available, since there is still an SPD for it on
their web site.  The person I got ahold of had never heard of it, and 
he had to call me back.  When he called, he told me it fell in the 
category of a "nonsaleable item".  I asked what that meant, did they
still have media, books, etc?  He said he thought so, but that they
were nonsaleable.

Now what I want with Ultrix, when I've got NetBSD is another question,
but I've got it running on one of my Decstations, and rather like it.
Since DEC is not selling Ultrix, what category does that put it in?
If somebody had tapes / CDs they were willing to lend me, are there
still legal restrictions, copyright etc., which apply?