Subject: Re: VS3100 questions
To: Matthew Fredette <fredette@MIT.EDU>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/08/2000 10:52:44
> Hi.  A while back I picked up a VS3100m38 with 16MB and a 300MB drive.
> I installed NetBSD 1.4.1 over the serial console and started using it.
> The first thing I noticed is that anything generating a not-small
> amount of output (say, like ls -l /usr/bin) will dump core on a SEGV
> when piped through anything that only takes a small amount of input
> (like head).

Sounds like you need to update to 1.4P or Q or whereever the current
source tree is.  There is a 1.4P snapshot in pub/NetBSD/arch/vax
tree that will provide golden karma for your machine.  Overlay it
on top of your existing 1.4.1 port by replacing the kernel (kern.tgz)
then rebooting, then unrolling from root all the appropriate tarballs.
Take care to save copies of your etc tree files that are important,
to overly back onto the new etc tree, once it is installed in place.
Things like fstab, a copy of your existing password file, addenda to
your rc files, maybe your motd, maybe your printcap, and that kind of
thing.  Reboot again, and joy surely will be forthcoming......(:+}}..

> I've also picked up a mono monitor (a VR299, I think) and a color
> monitor cable (a BC18Z).  Some pinouts I've read suggest that my
> VS3100's mono framebuffer may place its signal on the green BNC.
> True?

Yes, you can run a color monitor off a green line, as a ``mono''
sort of thing.  It works fine as long as the monitor syncs.
The output is 54mhz on the VS3100, if memory is correct today.
But, if you have a mono monitor it is probably a VR262 or a VRT17,
both of which work fine.  You should be able to run the mono off
the color cable by using the green line, too.  Also, a DB15 and
a length of 50 ohm coax with a bnc connector will do, and the
pinouts are on one of the vax pages.

> Plus, I'm short a keyboard.  Anybody got a VS3100 keyboard they're
> willing to part with for cheap?

If you don't find one, I can check in our surplus pit on the weekly
friday sale.  There are usually a few DEC keyboards in the pile.
If you are at MIT, hit up the backshops and try the scrounging mode.
Check your surplus pit at MIT (you folks have one, don't you?).
Something should surface.  An LK201 or LK401 keyboard should do.
They are the most common DEC keyboards one runs across.

Good luck....