Subject: Re: cross-compiler to VAX outputs bogus float literals.
To: Andrew Cagney <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/06/2000 12:12:20
> > There is an option somewhere in gcc called "SOFT_FLOAT" or something; that
> > makes gcc avoid storing floating point numbers as floats and instead
> > stores them in some other way (strings?). It is neccessary to set this
> > when a cross-compiler environment for vax is used.
> Did you mean the software implementation (approximation?) of IEEE 754
> 32/64 or how GCC either write raw HEX or natural floating point values
> into the assembler file.
I don't really remember; it was a define somewhere in one of the vax
description files in gcc. There were a comment also that said that it must
be turned on when making vax cross-compilers. I haven't made any cross-
compiler since gcc 2.7.2, but back then it was there at least.

-- Ragge