Subject: Re: installing vax-netbsd on a hd
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/04/2000 10:17:17
On  3 Feb, Can Altineller wrote:

> 	I do not have a tape, floppy, or a cdrom. so I have to boot from
> the network, partition my drive, and prepare the drive.
> 	Can someone give me hints please? I understand there must be a
> edlabel program, or some stuff that comes with the miniroot, but I dont
> have those. 
Boot the box over the net. Put a disklabel(8) on the disk, newfs(8) the
patitions, mount(8) them under /mnt. Extract at least base.tgz and
etc.tgz. Do a "./MAKEDEV all" in /mnt/dev and install the bootblocks.
("disklabel -B sd0") Get the november snapshoot if you are not using it
already. The snapshoot comes with the new SCSI-DMA kernel.

BTW: The easyest way to disklabel a new disk is:
disklabel sd0 > dl
vi dl
disklabel -rR sd0 dl 
Remember to put partition boundarys on cyliner boundarys.