Subject: Re: VAXStation 3100 bootprobs
To: Chris Tribo <>
From: Stefan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/03/2000 21:58:20
Hmm i think my disk or controller indeed is bad :(
Formatting itself resulted in an OK, but after that it started to check the
disk (I think) and that failed. 

So if anybody who reads this in Holland has a working controller +
diskdrive, please contact me :)

Oh yes, are VAXStation 2000's very different from 3100 ?? I can pick one up
(installed with VMS 5.2).



At 12:23 3-2-00 -0500, Chris Tribo wrote:
>on 2/3/00 8:16 AM, Stefan at wrote:
>> Hmm the orange light does come on. It first says 83 BOOT SYS (if i'm
>> correct) and then it says ?4D DEVOFFLINE. Hmm maybe the diskdrive is 
>faulty ??
>> Hmm its not as simple as I thought it would be :(
>> Stefan.
>> At 18:27 2-2-00 -0500, you wrote:
>    Hmm, me thinks that you should not be seeing the DEVOFFLINE. On my VS, I
>b dua2
>84 FAIL or RESTART SYS, or occasionally FILESTRUCT DUA2
>    Try typing t 70 at the >>> and pick the ID of your floppy, then enter
>the type to try and format a blank floppy in the drive. If that works then
>your floppy is good and it just doesn't like the boot program. If it doesn't
>work, try pulling out all the connectors and reseating them. Like I said, I
>was baffled when I couldn't get my disk to work, but it turned out the power
>connector wasn't "clicked" all the way in. If you hear the disk spinning and
>the orange light comes on, then your power is good. Then I would test the
>switch closest to the center of the drive in the group of two switches to
>make sure that it is working. As it senses when a disk is in the drive. I do
>recall my RX23' having some oxidation inside the switch, but depressing it
>manually a few times seemed to clear it up. If the floppy formats, your
>golden. Otherwise I would suspect a problem with the drive itself or the
>controller card.
>    I also just remembered that there is some sort of sliding selector
>switch on the side of the drive closest to the power connector. I 'm not
>100% sure, but I imagine that it is the drive # selector. Since the VAX has
>its ID # hardwired to DUA2 this switch should be set to 0. (closest to the
>power connector) Just a thought.
>    Chris