Subject: Re: VUP
To: emanuel stiebler <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/02/2000 10:34:48
On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, emanuel stiebler wrote:

> Anybody here know (or remember ;-), how this was measured, benchmarked ?
> I know, that the 11/780 should be 1 VUP, but how they benchmarked the
> newer machines ?

I'm not really answering your question here, but I'll tell you what I've
done.  I tend to just take the Dhrystone benchmark and run it on a known
VUP VAX.  I take the resulting dhry/s value, divide it by the known VUP
value for the system, and then use the result as a dhry/s to VUP ratio.

From here you can benchmark an unknown system using the Dhrystone
benchmark can convert to VUPs with the ratio.  I've found that the
calculated VUP results match up pretty well with the values advertised
by DEC.

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