Subject: Re: VS II/RC funzies... what are the pieces?
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/02/2000 11:16:17
> > The b dua9 did not work, but poking and jumping to the prom did (Thanks
> > Emmanuel!).
> >
> The manual says to type
> B/8 DUA9

Ahh... slight syntax incantation diff.

> This only works after a restart, or at least after an initialise and unjam.

I was routinely doing the init/unjam thing, so that much was good.

> My CE nose smells a rat here if b dua9 dosen't work (even without the /8 it should
> do something.)  My first guess would be that the controller is set up in LSI-11
> boot mode, where it jams the address 173000 onto the qbus after a BDCOK and tries
> to run there.  To disable this, you should set switch 1-5 into the OFF position.
> This might also explain your mcheck.

OK, if that were the case then flipping the switch might have helped.
Alas, the boards are outgoing, so I will file this tidbit for the occasion
that I run across another such MVII, in the surplus pit, here at MOO U.

When Mr. Stiebler gets the board, maybe he can check what the switch setting
is, so we can know for sure.  My curiosity is getting to me, now.

IFF that is all it was, then the gentleman that got the dual ram boards
has two good boards instead of one good and one fer parts......(:+}}...
That should make him happy.

> Regards,
> Nigel Johnson, VE3ID

Thanks Nigel....