Subject: Re: MVII boards now gone....
To: Brian Chase <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/02/2000 11:07:04
> > >Last chance for a BA23?????  Else, dumpster fodder in Friday's
> > >trash.  Sorry, uhaulit only from central NC on that thing.
> > 
> > least give the old boy some closet space.  Please don't trash it.
> > I'd come get it just to save it, but I'm way too far away.
> They store nicely under beds too.   Why I've got at least 3 VAXen hiding
> under my bed.

Gee, do they heat the bed in winter, vibrate, or both?????   (:+//.....

I suppose you could put a highboy bed up on a set of 4 725's, or BA123's.
.... just kidding....

OK, I will see if I can stick it in the shed for a couple of months
just in case someone happens to stroll by and need a boatanchor.....

I am wrapping up the boardsets as we speak, so they should get out
today, to those souls wat bespoke fer them......