Subject: Re: VS II/RC pieces + Q-bus question
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: Greg Ingram <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/01/2000 15:25:07
On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, NetBSD Bob wrote:

> Still have the cpu, questionable 8M ram, 2M ram, ethernet, and 4 port
> ascii boards, TK50 tape board, plus 3 bus grant continuity cards.

I guess when your uVII is running all of 9M, an extra 2M looks pretty
good.  If you've still got it, I'd be interested.

Q-bus question:  All of my gear is dual- or quad-height.  It appears that
I can slot two dual-height boards side-by-side.  No?  If I don't put the
boards side-by-side, do I need a bus-grant-continuity card?

- Greg