Subject: Re: tape problem
To: Daniel Senderowicz <daniel@synchrods.synchrods.COM>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/01/2000 11:49:42
> I'm having problems with my TK50 tape drive. Most of the times
> when I read or write on it it crashes the system with the
> following console messages (approximately because I copied them
> by hand):
> asc_intr: tgt 5 command phase TC zero with non-empty ...
> asc_intr: tgt 5 command phase TC zero; padding command
> asc_get_status: cmd reg 11, fifo cnt 3
> and/or:
> asc_mtr: 1: len 249 (fifo 0)
> asc0: SCSI device 5: rejecting message 0x0
> asc0: SCSI device 5: unexpected disconnect
> I try many combinations of hardware changes:swaping TK50 drives
> and cables, etc. Can somebody help? Thanks in advance.

I get the same sort of errors.  My fix, was to bring up a box on Ultrix
to write TK50 tapes.  This is on pmaxen and vaxen on 1.4P.  It seems worse
on 5000/200 class machines compared to lesser 5000 or 3000 or 2000 machines.
It seems to happen on any vaxen of the 3100 class.

I also get asc_intr errors on HD accesses occasionally, but they seem to
be more spurious interrupt things.

I sense is is due to timing problems perhaps, since it does not seem
to occur on slower machines nearly as often.

TK 50 writes and reads just don't work, but the HD errors don't seem to
do any harm.

Anyone else seen this sort of asc_intr problem?  Any fixes?

Another problem... I was unrolling the last tarball sets of current, and
when I compiled generic, it died on a make depend, missing some files.
Am I supposed to unroll the current tarballs on a clean tree or over the
1.4P distribution tree, so as to not come up missing files?