Subject: Re: VS3100 and SCSI
To: shox <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/31/1999 20:27:27
At 08:31 PM 7/31/99 , shox wrote:
>Hi guys. After spending a few weeks struggling to get the appropriate
>cable for the console, my VS3100/30 now has a head.
>My question arises with respect to SCSI. I am trying to get a Seagate
>ST1480N drive (around 425mb) and a Plextor CDROM drive to work. After I
>verify hardware actually works, then I can try messing with NetBSD.
>Do the devices need to be parity or non-parity? 

Parity is always preferred.

>Does it matter what SCSI IDs I put them on? The page on
>seems to indicate specific IDs for specific devices. Does it matter? I
>only have one hard drive and one CDROM in the system.

Your VAX is probably at SCSI ID 6 so don't put them there (or at 7
just in case your VAX is at 7).

>Do I need to use the "block" jumper on the CDROM drive? It's a Plextor
>drive. According to the manual, it says "Leave this OFF, unless you are
>working in a UNIX environment and want to boot from your CD-ROM drive."

Leave it on if you want to boot from the CD-ROM driver (VAX VMB ROMs want
512-byte block addressing for CDs).

>I've tried various combinations and haven't been able to get them to come
>up in "show dev". Right now, I have the HDD at SCSI ID 2 and the CDROM at
>SCSI ID 4. The HDD is not terminated, jumpered so that the bus supplies
>the termination. The CDROM is terminated and chained as the second device. 
>The last thing to note is that "show dev" consistently comes back with an
>entry for a nonexistant disk. Here's what it says:
>  -------  ------  --------  ------  --------  -----  --  ------  ---
>  ESA0     SE0     08-00-2B-13-2B-13
>  DUA2     RX2               DISK               RM        RX23
>  ...HostID....    A/6       INITR
>What is the deal with "DUA2/RX2"? There are no other disks in the system.

Looks like you have a SCSI floppy.  Try picking 3 for the HDD since 2
conflicts with the floppy.

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